Flowering Perennials, Shrubs and Small Trees Native to Western Pennsylvania
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Western Pennsylvania native plants grow in a huge rainbow of colors, are extremely hardy and have wonderful names.

Blue Curls, Thimbleweed, Goat’s Beard, Seedbox, Bishop’s Cap, Monkey Flower, Nodding Onion, Virgin’s Bower, Ninebark, Solomon’s Seal, Fire Pink, Nannyberry, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Boneset, Squirrel Corn, Dutchman’s Breeches, Foamflower, Spicebush, Joe Pye, Cardinal Flower , Witchhazel, Spicebush-- among many others, are all part of our rich native plant heritage.

These plants grew naturally here in Western PA before the arrival of European settlers and have evolved and adapted naturally to thrive in the soils, climate, topography and moisture conditions of the Pittsburgh Plateau. These plants belong here with us in our local landscapes and yet many are disappearing.

We can enrich our sense of place and well being and increase biodiversity by planting and growing natives.

SYLVANIA NATIVES is Western Pennsylvania’s only privately owned nursery exclusively growing and selling quality, local genotype plants native to the region. We propagate and grow more than 80 species of plants from local seed we collect in the wild. All our plants are container grown outside with the seasons.
Come find plants for:
  • Home Gardens and Landscapes
  • Parks, Public Gardens and School Yard Plantings
  • Natural Areas, Habitat Projects and Ecological Restorations

Beautiful, Hardy, Healthy Plants for . . .

  • Colorful blooms, April through October
  • All growing conditions: full sun to full shade & dry to moist soil
  • Attracting butterflies and birds
  • Great looking, low maintenance gardening
  • Sustainable, ecological landscaping
We love propagating and growing native plants!
Come Grow with Us . . . . We’d Like to Grow with You!

Kathryn McGregor, Proprietor and Grower -- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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